Custom Wall Decor

Canvas Prints, Metal Prints and Wood Prints


With so many beautiful options to create your own unique custom wall decor, the only difficult part is choosing which one!  If you can’t pick just one, we suggest making a collage wall that mixes and matches them for a stunning effect.

Canvas Prints

Take your treasured photograph and turn it into a gorgeous canvas wrap work of art. There are online companies and big box stores that offer cheaper canvas, but we feel your canvas prints deserve the best. We use the highest quality canvas and inks to produce detailed prints that give style and pizazz to any room. A gallery wrapped Canvas Print is truly a beautiful piece of Custom Wall Decor.

Your image is printed on premium artist-grade, heavy weight, archival canvas that is UV coated, waterproof and can be wiped with a damp cloth. Your image is examined before printing to ensure the best colour and density is selected.  It is examined again after printing to ensure it is the best possible rendition of your image.  Your canvas print is hand stretched by real humans over a 1 1/2″ deep wood frame and comes ready to hang.

There are 3 options for the edge of your canvas wrap: The most common is a Gallery Wrap which wraps your image around the sides of the canvas.  If your image doesn’t have room for this, we can mirror the edge of the image to achieve this same look.  You can also choose a white, black or coloured edge and your image is then only printed on the front part of the canvas.


Gallery Wrap Canvas

Canvas Wraps

Numerous size options to choose from. Custom sizes available also. Just tell us what you need to fit the space you have. 

Split Canvas Grouping

Split Canvas

Your image is split automatically between 3 canvases for a stunning touch to your living space. Multiple size options to choose from.

Canvas Cluster

Canvas Clusters or Collages

Create a stunning gallery wall with multiple images printed on canvas. The design work is done for you!

Metal Prints Canada

Metal Prints


Metal prints have vibrant colour and dimension to bring an ultra-modern feel to your home or work space. This Custom Wall Decor is lightweight, easy to hang, waterproof, scratch resistant and virtually indescructible. A metal print is also a great option for high traffic areas or areas that have a lot of moisture present.

Your image is infused directly onto high quality aluminum and actually resides under the surface of the metal using a combination of high heat and pressure.

Our printing experts examine your image before printing to ensure the best colour and density is selected. Your metal print is also examined by our experts after it is printed to ensure it is the best possible image. Each step of the process is done by real humans to ensure the quality of your finished masterpiece.




Metal Prints

Metal Print

Metal prints make such an impressive display in your home or office. It comes ready to hang or  stand it up against a wall or on a ledge.

Floating Metal Art

Floating Metal Art

Add dimension to your metal print by ordering it floating on another piece of aluminum which can either be plain or printed for a truly unique piece of art.

Split Metal Art

Split Metal Art

Split your image between 3 metal panels for a dramatic effect and beautiful piece of wall art. Just upload your photo and the program splits it for you.

Metal Art Cluster Vintage

Metal Art Clusters

Choose from multiple options to create a stunning display on your home or office walls.  The design work is done for you in this ultimate conversation piece!

Wood Print

Wood Prints


Wood prints are a beautiful economical frameless option for your image.  A matte lamination is applied to protect your image. Wood prints are easy to clean and offer a sleek solution, especially in locations where glass is not an option. The black bevelled edge frames your image perfectly. Custom sizes available in store.