Home Movies to Digital

Digitize your collection of home movie tapes to preserve and enjoy the moments of your life.

VHS transfer to DVD  

Video tapes and Home Movies Digitized

Your memories are irreplaceable. Can you go back and recreate your Wedding Day? Or that trip of a lifetime? Or the birth of your first child? You recorded them because you wanted to remember that moment in time.

VHS tapes deteriorate over time and are not a long term storage solution so it is important to transfer them to the newest media to safeguard your memories. Plus, have you tried finding a VCR to play them on recently? You probably don’t have the video camera you recorded your 8mm home movies on either. When was the last time you watched them?


  • VHS, VHS-C
  • Mini-DV
  • Digital 8, Hi 8
  • MicroMV

File Deliverable:

  • MP4 so you can view and edit.  PC and Mac compatible.


  • DVD/CD
  • USB Stick/ Thumb Drive (provided by you or purchased from us)
  • Digital Download
  • External hard drive provided by you
Video Transfer Services

All VHS and 8mm video transfers are done in house in our professional photo lab so your tapes are safe and secure. Our trained staff always handle your treasured memories with care and attention. Photo Expressions has a reputation for excellence in customer service and quality.

Your digital movie files can be played on TV’s, computers, tablets and phones depending on the media you choose.  They can also be easily shared with family and friends. Our pricing is super competitive and gives you great value.

Video Transfer

Once you have your transferred memories back, we always recommend making sure they are backed up safely. One copy is not a good backup procedure. You must have a minimum of 2 copies – one on site (your house) and one off site (a family member’s house, work, safety deposit box , or cloud service).

We suggest ordering multiple copies to share with other family members and to have as a backup. Our transfers come back to you on a DVD. You can provide a USB Stick or an external hard drive to have your movies transferred to.

Couple watching home video transfer

The process is super simple. Gather all of your old VHS, 8mm, VHS-C, Mini DVD, MiniDV, and Hi-8 tapes. Look in drawers, boxes, and old video cameras so you find them all. Our regular pricing is very competitive, but if you bring in 10+ tapes, it is outstanding. Drop them off at Photo Expressions or ship them to us.

Start planning for a super fun movie night. Pop some popcorn, chill the drinks, and grab some kleenex. We will call you when your order is ready to be picked up. Your tapes are returned to you in the condition you brought them in.

Pricing to Transfer VHS and 8mm Tapes to DVD

  •  $25 per tape converted to MP4 format so you can edit.
  • Extra copies of the same DVD $10 ea
  • Transfer to USB+ $15 (includes cost of USB stick)
  • Special: Bring in 10+ tapes at a time and the cost is $20 per tape to MP4 on DVD. USB available, fees apply.

Out of town (across Canada) customers:

If you live out of town and would like to ship your tapes to us, you can call for a quote at 604-463-3654, email info@photoexpressions.ca or order VHS transfers here.

Please note: Copyrighted material is not available for digitization or duplication without written consent from the copyright holder.