What To Wear

What To Wear:

What to wear

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What to wear? What you are comfortable in!! If you are a t-shirt and jeans person, be comfortable and wear a t-shirt and jeans. If you dress a little dressier every day, then dress up. It is not necessary to go purchase new clothes (unless you want to ;). The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Saying that, there are a few tips to keep in mind:1. Less is more. The portraits are about you, not your clothes.


2. Avoid large busy patterns or big words as they draw attention to the clothing instead of you.


3. Co-ordinate but not match the clothing. Eg. jeans and white shirts is good, they don’t all have to be white t-shirts.
4. Pick timeless simple clothing that will not be dated when you look at this portrait 10 years from now.

5. Darker colours tend to photograph best, especially if you are fair haired or fair skinned. Plus they are concealing and will make you look thinner.

What to wear6. Adults – mid length to long sleeves work best. This avoids attention being drawn to your arms (often not our favourite parts of our bodies).

7. Skirts – make sure they are long enough that you feel comfortable sitting in them as most portrait sessions will include standing and sitting poses.

8. Avoid baggy clothing as this can be unflattering and make you appear heavier.

9. Accessories are a great way to bring attention to your face. Hats, hair pieces, scarves, ties, and bold necklaces all bring attention up.

10. Fresh haircuts usually look like fresh haircuts. Try to have yours scheduled a week before your session. Watch your roots, if you need to have your hair coloured, do that a week before also.

11. Remember nails show in the photographs so make sure they are clean and trimmed and any nail polish is fresh.

12. Shoes will show in some of the photos too, so make sure they are clean. Barefeet is also an option.

13. Females – a little lip gloss or lipstick draws attention to your face also and helps so that you aren’t washed out.

14. You can visit our Pinterest What to Wear For Portraits Board for some SUGGESTIONS and ideas but remember this portrait is about YOU.  We aren’t all fashion models but we’re all worth having beautiful portraits!