Portrait Session Tips

Tips for a Successful Portrait Session:

Your Portrait Session should be fun, not a source of stress! If you are frazzled when you arrive, your portraits won’t capture you at your best. Here are a few tips to ensure our photographers are able to capture you in beautiful images:


  1. Have fun. These portraits are meant to capture the essence of you, your family, your pets, (whatever we are taking a picture of) at this moment in time. Your kids don’t have to be perfect the whole time. Our professional photographers are trained to capture those special moments that happen in between the goofiness, shyness, or “I don’t want to”. If you are relaxed, your kids will be relaxed.
  2. Schedule your session at a time when everyone is well rested. Nap time is not a great portrait time. Also hungry tummies make for frustration and stress so make sure everyone has had at least a snack before coming. (Preferably eaten before they get dressed for the portrait).
  3. Don’t bribe your kids as that sends a message that this is going to be painful or not fun. Instead say “We are going to Photo Expressions today to have our pictures taken and it will be so much fun!” If you have younger children you could then get goofy and try some “practice posing”.
  4. Plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment. This allows for traffic, parking and arriving refreshed instead of stressed.


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