My Pet Is The Cutest Portrait Event

Pet Portraits

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes, an appointment is necessary. You can book your FREE appointment here. If your pet is unsure around other pets, check in to let us know you have arrived and then you can wait in the large covered area outside our store, and we will call you when it is your turn.

What is the cost?

Your sitting is free. In honour of pets who don’t yet have a forever home, we will have a donation box set up and you can make a donation to the SPCA in lieu of the sitting fee. After your sitting, you will be able to look at your pet’s portraits, and order prints, gift items or a CD.

How long is the appointment?

The appointment is 15 minutes long.

How do I prepare my pet?

Your pet will look best if they are clean, brushed if necessary, and are well exercised before you come in. Please also ensure your pet has “done his business” before arriving, as you will be responsible for any messes that happen in the store and studio. Be confident and don’t hover around your pet as they sense if you are uneasy. Enjoy and let our professional photographers capture portraits of your beautiful pet.

Does my pet have to be on a leash?

Yes, please have all pets controlled on a leash or in a carrier for the safety of your pet and those around.

Can my pet wear an outfit?

If you regularly dress your pet and your pet is comfortable in the outfit, then sure. However, if your pet never wears an outfit and will be uncomfortable and scratching at it or trying to get it off, then you are better off with your pet in it’s natural beautiful state.

Can I bring treats for my pet?

Yes, if it will help to get your pet’s attention. No, if it will be a distraction and your pet will be too focused on the food instead of the photographer.

What kind of pets can come in?

The ones that fit into the studio and are well behaved. We have photographed cats, dogs, rabbits, gold fish, birds, lizzards, hamsters and more.