Mark your calendar…

the 2021, 28th Annual “Cutest Little Kid” Photo Contest runs:

June 9-10, 14-18!

Cutest Kid Photo Contest
Cutest Baby Photo Contest

 What ages qualify?
A: Newborn to Grade 5!  We have 4 different age categories based on year of birth:
Category A: born 2021-2022
Category B: born 2019-2020
Category C: born 2016-2018
Category D: born 2011-2015

Q: What does it cost to enter?
A: Entry is $9.95 plus tax per child, with $1 from every entry going  to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation  for the prenatal ward.

Q: How is this event Covid-safe?

  • By appointment only
  • One child in our large studio at a time
  • Bring your own (toy) props
  • Photographer stays 2m from subject and wears mask
  • Sanitizing the studio between shoots as necessary
  • Online ordering

Q: Can I book an appointment?
A: Yes! This year we are taking appointments, in order to keep things 100% Covid-friendly. You can book your appointment here…

Q: How long is the session?
A: Until we get some great photos of your child, so time will vary with each child, to a maximum of 8 minutes.  Note this is a contest and not a full studio portrait session.

Q: Will I be able to purchase the digital images?
A: Yes, this is a popular choice. You have the option to purchase:
• the top 4 images as prints, along with digital files of those 4 images, or
• the top 4 images as prints, along with all digital files.

You will also be able to purchase prints and photo gift items at special pricing.

Q: Can I have my children’s photos taken together?
A: This is an individual contest, so each child is taken separately.  We are more than happy to photograph your children together during a regular Portrait Studio session.

Q: Should we bring props?
A: YES! As a way to stay Covid-friendly, we are asking you to bring your own props – favourite toys, teddy bears, dolls, blankies, games, etc. This doubles as a great way to create a forever memory!

Q: What should my child wear?
A: Whatever they are COMFORTABLE in.  We will get great photos whether they are dressed in regular clothes or a costume as long as your child is comfortable.  An itchy uncomfortable outfit, will show in the portraits.

Q: How is this contest judged?
A: We have a panel of judges (usually at least 10+) who will judge the contest. Remember this is about more than the contest, it is a great way to get some gorgeous photos of your child. There are prizes for each age category and an overall winner for the Cute Kid that gets the most overall points.

Q: What are the prizes?
We have some great prizes from our kid friendly sponsors: Angelic Voices, Easy Daysies, Monkey Business Kids Boutique, MyGym and of course from us, Photo Expressions.  Each of these businesses are wonderful for kids!

Q: How are parents involved in the session?
A: If necessary, for your child’s safety and comfort, the photographer may ask you to be involved in the session. Please follow the photographer’s instruction as it is important to allow the photographer to work with each child independently, to capture their personality and expression. Our photographers are experts at what they do!

**Please note that Cell Phone photos and video are not allowed in the studio.**

Cutest Kid Photo Contest