Front Porch Christmas 2020

A Photo Expressions Portrait Event 

November 19th – December 12th


Bring in your Bubble for Christmas Portraits for the History Books. 

Christmas Portraits for 2020

2020 has certainly been a year for the history books. We weren’t sure about whether or not to do a Christmas Portrait Event this year, but we have been getting so many phone calls asking when we are doing it so we have decided to do a Christmas Portrait Event, though it will look a little different than previous events. While it isn’t the theme we had planned (hopefully we can do that one next year!), we love the look and feel of what we have chosen for this year.

Christmas Portraits And Regular Studio Portraits

We are going to have The Christmas Portrait Event and our Regular Family Portraits running at the same time this year to allow for more time for both due to the limited amount of portrait sittings we can offer.  When you book your sitting you can choose from Regular or School Fundraising Portraits or Christmas Event Portraits.  Both of these will be available starting Thursday November 19th until Saturday December 12th to ensure your orders are ready before Christmas. Sunday appointments will only be available on Sunday November 29th.


Front Porch Photos 2020

Fronch Porch Photos were very popular last spring when the world first locked down so we decided this would be a great theme for our Christmas Portrait event this year. Since it would be hard for us to run around the lower mainland to your front porch and the weather this time of year is unpredictable, we decided to bring you to our “front porch” where it is warm and dry.

The Christmas Portrait Event will have to be a little different this year due to the global pandemic going on and safety protocols that must be in place to keep everyone safe. The first big difference is that it will be less interactive. Even though it will be less interactive (less stuff to touch hence less stuff to sanitize), you will still have beautiful portraits to remember this historical year by.

The second big difference is that we are asking you to participate by bringing your own props as santizing everything would be difficult.  We have a suggested list below of great items that you can bring for your portraits, however, they aren’t necessary for great photos. We do however, highly suggest wearing masks for at least one of your portraits as that is definitely something to look back on.

Covid safety protocols are in full effect at Photo Expressions to keep our staff and guests safe.  We have added extra precautions for studio portraits that you can see below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much? There is a $20 Sitting Fee for the Front Porch Christmas Photos, payable upon booking. This covers your 15 minute studio portrait session.  You will be able to view your portraits at home on your phone or computer. After that, you can order portrait prints, Christmas cards, ornaments, photo gifts, wall prints, digital files and more!  Here is a link to the price menu. (keep in mind these are last year’s images as we have just decided on how we can proceed safely this year, so don’t have updated sample photos).

Can I order right away like last year? Unfortunately this year, we have to say no, the previewing in store service won’t be available because we have to limit the number of people in the store at one time and social distance requirements don’t allow for viewing in store.  However, we will have your portraits uploaded to you within a few days so you can view and order them from the comfort of your home. You can pick up your order safely in store, use or curbside pickup or we can ship your order to you. (Keep in mind shipping times are getting quite long.)

I heard we could combine this event with a School Family Photo Fundraiser? Yes! Simply book a Christmas Event Sitting, and in the dropdown box provided please select your school – and $15 of your sitting fee will be donated to your school!  (please note: no free 8×10 is available with this premium event)

Do you have props available? Again this year has had to change because of Covid and sanitizing requirements. We won’t have shareable props though we will have props in your portrait to enhance it.

We recommend you bring in your own “props”  to make your photo unique. We suggest: Scarves, touques, mistletoe, a green wreath to hold in your hands, mini trees for kids to hold or a mini wrapped present, hot chocolate mugs (empty please), small Christmas Gnome stuffies, favourite Christmas stuffie, santa hats, or any special Christmas decor item that is important to your family.   A Christmas blanket to wrap up in is also a great prop.

The one prop we definitely suggest for at least one of your pictures is a face mask for everyone.  (You can order custom matching face masks in differnt sizes from Photo Expressions here.)  We think this is a very important photo to have for your family history. 

Where are you located?  We are located in Port Coquitlam in Fremont Village – kitty corner behind Walmart, next to Jungle Jacs. Map.

What Covid Safety Protocols have you put in place? Our studio is very large and you will be entering and exiting from a different door than our photographer. The studio will have the doors open to allow for air flow and we have installed a Dyson Air Purifier with a Hepa filter to keep the air quality as pure as possible.  There aren’t as many appointments available as usual, to keep the number of people in the store at one time to a minimum and to allow time for sanitizing. It is imperative that you are on time and ready to go for your photo session. The photographer will be wearing a mask and be socially distanced from you.

Our photographers and all of our staff are temperature checked every morning and wear masks.  All frequently touched areas are sanitized frequently. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is observed.

We ask that you wear a mask to your appointment and once your photos are finished as you are leaving the studio and store.  We also suggest wearing your mask for at least one of your pictures because this is definitely a picture to look back on!  We also ask that if you are feeling unwell or have come in contact with someone who has covid, to remain at home and we can reschedule your appointment.

Can we get a large family portrait? This year because of Covid and the fact that we are in a second wave, you can only bring in your immediate household bubble to have portraits taken.  This means anyone that lives in your household, maximum 6 people. While we appreciate the desire to have other relatives and friends in your photos, we have to follow these strict guidelines at this time both for your safety and the safety of our photographers.

I’d like portraits of the full family, plus just the kids, and maybe some individual portraits (and maybe the cat).  Can we do this? Yes! We can cover all options of your immediate household bubble during your sitting. We will consult at the beginning of your sitting to make sure we can fit everything in. Remember though, that these variations are of just the people in your immediate household bubble.  We can take multipe family bubble portraits in different portrait sessions and make a collage print for grandparents (fees apply.)

What should we wear? Whatever you are comfortable in, this will give you the best photos.  Jeans and a sweater, Matching Family Pajamas, Pants and a Jacket, mittens, scarf and toque are all great ideas. Heck this is a great year to wear your best ugly Christmas sweater! The front porch works well with a variety of outfits though it will be best to avoid very busy patterns.  Just make sure you are comfortable.  We’ve put together an Ideas for Front Porch Photos Pinterest Board to give you some ideas. Simple timeless clothing that is not too busy will work the best.

Any other questions?  Please call us at 604-463-3654 or email studio(@)