Breathe new life into your old piles of memories. Turn a shoebox full of prints into a beautiful photo book! Make your tray full of slides into a DVD slideshow! E-mail, print copies, do whatever you like once your old photos are scanned into digital format.

Order a Gatherbox for Photos online here or a Gatherbox for Slides here and we can ship it to you or to someone you choose.  You can also pick it up in store or use our curbside pickup.

Order a Gatherbox online (choose photos or slides) here to mail to you or for curbside pickup.

create dvd shows

With Photo Expressions “Shoebox Scanning” program called The Gatherbox,

Turn this:

services_image_scanning2Into this:


Got piles of photos or 35mm slides and negatives in shoeboxes? Want to get them organized, easily accessible and ready to share again? Bring them into Photo Expressions and have them scanned and digitized to DVD or to a USB flash drive (Yours or purchase one from us). It’s the quick, easy, and affordable way to archive your memories.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do my prints have to be standard 4×6 size to be scanned?

No, any size from wallet size (2½x3½ inches) up to 8½x11 size can be scanned at Shoebox prices.

Can I get extra copies of my DVD or USB Flash Drive?

Yes you can!

Do my photos need to be in size order?

No, you can put them in the general order you want them scanned.

Will you scan my photos in order?

Yes, we will scan the photos in the order you provide. We can’t guarantee the exact order, but putting your photos in order from oldest to newest or vice versa works for most people.

What type of photos can’t you scan?

We can scan any type of photo with our regular scanning service, but for Shoebox Scans we cannot include the following:

  • photos smaller than wallet size (2½ x 3½) photos larger than 8½ x 11 mounted photos torn photos photos with glue or adhesive stuck to the back non-photo paper prints such as newspaper clippings. These can be done on a flatbed scanner for an extra charge.

What type of slides or negatives can you scan?

We can scan pretty much any type of slide or negative with our regular scanning service, but for Shoebox

Scans we can scan the following:

  • 35mm slides (these are mounted positive slides, 1 inch by 1½ inches in size)
  • 35mm negatives (1 inch by 1½ inches in size, full roll or cut in strips of no less than 4 photos)

Other size slides and negatives are scanned on a flat bed scanner for an extra charge.

How long does the service take?

Depending on the number of pictures you provide (we have seen orders in the thousands!), the service generally takes about a week. Slides and negatives take slightly longer than prints.

What about copyrighted photos?

We honour photographer’s copyrights. For any photo taken within the last 50 years and stamped with a copyright, you will need written, signed permission from the photographer.

What can I do with the digital files once my pictures are scanned? What can’t you do?

Here is a short list of cool things you can do with your scanned photos:

  • Make a photo book Make a DVD slide show (Photo Expressions can also put together a professional DVD slideshow for you)
  • Make prints to share with friends and family (only 15¢ each when ordered at time of scanning!)
  • E-mail your images
  • Post your images online, on Facebook, etc.
  • Make copies of your DVD or USB to share with others and protect your memories
  • Add a coil bound Soft Cover Proof Book which is a set of index sheets showing all of the images on your device. $15 charge