Photo Restorations

Restore your precious photos to their former glory!

restore old photos

We can provide you with a free no obligation quote to restore your  image(s).

Make the old new again!

Your damaged photos and documents can be restored to their original condition and sometimes even better than original condition.  Whether it is environmental fators such as water, light and time, rips, tears or fading, we can make your most important memories look new again. We can replace backgrounds, remove people, add in people if the photo allows and improve the vibrancy when we restore your old photos.

Your precious photos are treated like our own family heirlooms and never leave our lab.  You will recieve your original back plus the restored image on DVD (or USB is available). Once your image is restored, there are so many ways to share it.  You can email it, share it on social media, print it or add it to a photo book. We offer custom framing services if you decide to enlarge your image.


We can work magic!

  • Enhance and restore colour, especially to those 1970’s orange photos
  • Fix tears and cracks
  • Replace backgrounds
  • Remove people and subjects 
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections
  • And more!  Just ask.
faded photo restoration

Faded photographs can be restored and photos that have faded to sepia can be restored to B&W.

restoring ripped photos

Tears and rips can be repaired.  Colourized photos can be restored to their former colours. 

change photo backgrounds

Backgrounds can be changed.  The bottom right photo had a tropical beach background added.