Photos + Pictures

Digitize  and scan old photographs so they live to tell stories for generations to come.

Photo Scanning

Photo Scanning Service

We scan and digitize your old photographs using professional techniques and equipment that result in high resolution JPG files. Our archiving experts ensure your memories are properly digitized for long term use and enjoyment.  Your original photos are returned to you in the same condition you brought them in. Rest assured knowing your images are kept safely in our photo lab and not sent out.

Printed photos typically last 80-100 years, while digital files can live forever! (As long as you update to the newest technology.) Your digitized images are permanently protected from environmental damage when you follow the 1 2 3 backup system.  You also have the freedom to share your scanned photos with as many people as you want.  No more family squabbles over who gets which photos.


scan old photos

Turn those prom pictures with the big hair from the 1980’s  into modern day digital files that you and your friends can share!

photo scanning sorting photos

Pre-sort your photos or have our archiving experts do it for you.  Ask about project prep options and about photo organizing services.

Box of Photos to Scan

Your photos are our passion.  We have been scanning photos in any size, shape, or condition since 1983!


  • Photo prints up to 8.5×11
  • Photo album pages
  • back side scanning options
  • large print scans also available

File Deliverables:

  • High resolutions scans (300 dpi min)
  • JPG
  • Files named in random numeric order unless otherwise requested


  • DVD
  • USB Stick/Thumb Drive (provided by you or purchased from us)
  • Digital Download