Photo Organizing

Organizing your printed photo collection

How to organized printed photographs

Photo Organizing

We understand the overwhelm that can be caused when tackling the time-consuming task of organizing a photo collection that often spans decades or longer. It takes time to sort, prepare and document. Here are three options to consider:

Do it yourself

We have some tips for organizing your printed photos here if you want to tackle this project on your own.  It is totally doable, it just takes time.

Ask family or friends to help

The next option would be to ask a friend or family member to help you.  This is often beneficial as they can make quicker decisions as they aren’t as emotionally attached to the photos.

We can help

The third option is for our photo management experts to help you. They will assess your project, listen to your needs and provide a free estimate for what your project requires.  Each archiving project is as unique as you are, so there are no canned packages here.

After Organizing

Once your printed photographs are organized, it is much easier to determine how you want to store them and which ones you want digitized and added to your main digital photo collection.  Consider using our Gatherbox scanning option as that is your least expensive way to scan volumes of photographs.  This will also allow you to share these photographs with others.

messy photo closet

Prep and Sort

Do your photos look like this? Don’t worry, there are easy steps to take that can create an organized set of photos that you can enjoy.

organize your photos

Steps to Organize Printed Photos

If you want to organize your photos, we have some steps that you can follow to help take away the overwhelm.  You can do this!

Album and Scrapbook Scanning

How to Store Printed Photos

Once you have organized your printed photo collection, the next decision is what to do with them and how/where you will store them.