Passport and ID Photos

Your passport photos are your gateway to travel. At Photo Expressions, we 100% guarantee your Passport Photo will pass government regulations. Our experienced photographers know how to take your passport photo so it will pass all of the technical specifications. If for some reason, Passport Canada doesn’t accept the photo, we will retake it for FREE. 

We know the exact size and requirements for your Canadian Passport Photo, US Passport Photo and most other countries too.  Same goes for Citizenship Photos, Permanent Residence Photos, and Firearms License Photos. It is always a good idea to bring any documentation you have regarding sizes and requirements, as countries do change their regulations from time to time. We can take your ID photos also if you bring in the requirements. Passport photos come in sets of 2.

Babies love to travel too and we will make sure your baby’s passport photo passes!  We are known as the “baby whisperers” and love cuddling with your newborn baby.  We have the right techniques and expert cuddles so that your baby passport photo passes. It can take some time to get a proper baby passport photo, so please allow for extra time, and come when your baby is awake and happy. 



  • Regular passport photos $18.99/set
  • Baby Passport Photos (up to 18 months) $29.99/set.
  • Additional photos of the same person $11/set.
  • Regular passport photos and emailed copy $23.99 set.

Please note: Covid procedures are in place to protect you and our staff.  All touch points are sanitized after each customer.  

Note for baby passports: At this time, a parent is required to hold infants (oh we miss our infant snuggles!) as our staff can’t do so.  Please bring your own receiving blanket that isn’t white.

Passport Photos FAQ

Do I need an appointment? No appointment is necessary. The whole process usually takes about 5-10 minutes. 

 Can I smile in my passport photo?  No, you must have a neutral expression for the facial recognition software that is used. 

Can I wear my glasses in my passport photo? While technically you can, we strongly recommend that you don’t wear glasses for facial recognition purposes. Also if there is any glare at all, your passport photo will be rejected.  

Can I wear whatever I want in my passport photo? Almost. You can not wear white as the background for most countries is white.  You also must not have anything blocking between your shoulders and your ears (ie a hood or big scarf). 

Can I wear a hat in my passport photo? Hats are not permitted except when worn for religious reasons and only if the full facial features are clearly visible. To see a list of photo specifications for Canadian passports, click here. 

When should I have my passport photos taken? You should have your passport photos taken well in advance of any scheduled trips. After your photo is taken and application is submitted, it usually takes 2-6 weeks to receive your passport. You can apply up to 6 months after having your passport photos taken. Check current processing times here.

Do you take other types of ID photos? Yes! We take photos for Passports for any country, Visas, Permanent Resident Cards, Fire Arms Licenses, Work ID Photos, HandyDart ID Photos, and more. We have a library of international specifications. However, if possible, please try to have the specifications for your photos on hand.

Do you take passport photos of babies and small children? We sure do!  We are known as the “Baby Whisperers”.  Please note it can take time to get a proper infant passport photo, so please allow more than the usual 5-10 minutes, and come when your baby is awake and happy.

Do you guarantee your photos? Yes, we offer a 100% money-back or retake guarantee if your photos are rejected. Our trained staff know how to get it right the first time, saving you time and money.

What if my passport photo gets rejected? If your passport photo is taken at Photo Expressions, chances are it will not be rejected. We take much care in ensuring that your photos are within government standards. If for some reason your photos are rejected, we will retake them at no charge or refund you.  In other words, we have a 100% guarantee.

Do you provide passport applications? Sorry, we don’t. You can download applications online here .

Will you sign my passport photos? No, we cannot sign your passport photos. You need a guarantor to sign your passport. To see a list of qualified guarantors, click here.  Please note, adult simplified renewals no longer need a guarantor. We will date and stamp your passport as required.

Why do passport photos look so unflattering? Don’t worry, it isn’t you! The technical requirements and lighting requirements the government needs are not flattering for anybody. It is only the border authorities who really need to look at your photos.   (hint: when you want a flattering photo that isn’t for a passport, book a session in our portrait studio!)

Where can I get even more information on passports? The Canadian Government’s passport website, at