Movie Reels

Enjoy those old home movies once again!

Reel to Reel video transfer

Reel-To-Reel Transfer

Digitize your old home movie film so that you can watch them again, or for the first time! It is important to transfer these films as they are becoming dry and brittle and often break when you try to play them.  Plus, it is getting very hard to find a projector to play these on, and so much history is in jeopardy of being lost.

Your returned digital files can be played on TV’s, computers, tablets and phones depending on the media you choose.  You can easily share them with family and friends.


  • 8mm
  • Super8
  • 16mm

File Deliverable:

  • MP4 – PC and Mac compatible
  • HD (High Definition) 1080P
  • Sound if original film has sound


  • DVD/CD
  • USB Stick / Thumb Drive
  • Digital Download
Retro 8 video transfer services


  • 0 – 100 ft: $10 setup and 50 ¢ per foot 
  • 100ft +: no setup  and 40¢ per foot
  • extra DVD copy $10

This is the one service we sent out of our lab to a trusted partner service who has the quality we demand.  Your original movie reels are returned in the condition you brought them in. 

One of our favourite responses from a customer that had the old reel-to-reel tapes transferred as a gift to her father for Christmas – “I watched them with my 4 year old son. I was so happy to watch my mom who has passed away, slipping on her new gloves my dad had bought her for Christmas one year.  As we were watching, my 4 year old piped up ‘where is the sound?!’. I coudn’t stop laughing as I explained to him that the really old films didn’t have sound!” She went on to say how happy her dad was with this gift as it was so meaningful and brought back so many memories.