Sparking  A Memory

Image association through personal photos allows reminiscing

remembering with photos

Reliving the past


Photographs have been proven effective at stimulating the memories of dementia and Alzheimer patients. Image association by looking at personal photos allows patients to reminisce about pleasant times in their lives and engage in the present moment by remembering the people and events of their lives.

Personal photos in their room help to create a familiar and comfortable setting and allow for recollections of important events and people in their life.

Various therapies utilize photos as a tool to bring out previously unheard stories which allows family members to capture important details of their loved one’s life.

After digitizing

Digitizing old photographs and videos allows memory care clients to share with their family and friends.  We can help by creating custom slideshows, photo books and displays.

photo memories

Lifetime of Memories

As you’re looking back on a loved one’s life, ask them questions about specific photos, point out key personalities and remind them of their younger years.

photos help remember

Fond Moments

Imagery helps memory care patients recollect more clearly. Spend time with them reminiscing over favourite videos and photographs of a lifetime.

digitize slides

Not Seen in A While

Digitizing old photos, slides and movies, allows them to be watched on televisions, laptops and tablets. It also allows all of the memories to be shared with family and friends.