Downsize Your Photo Collection

If downsizing is in your future, this is an ideal time to condense, share and preserve your legacy.

Downsizing photos

Preparing to Downsize or Relocate

Streamline your family photo and video collection and preserve what matters most before you move or relocate.  Your children and grandchildren don’t want or need 20 photos of a tree in your first yard. It can seem daunting to downsize your photo collection, but we are here to help you.

Book a consultation with our archiving experts who will help you decide on the ideal photo management solution for you and your family. We will digitize and make copies of your physical items so that you have the option of decluttering them.


  • less physical clutter
  • each child and family member can have their own copies
  • share the stories and history behind the memories
  • peace of mind knowing your memories are safe and digitized.

After Digitizing

Your newly digitized images can be enjoyed on modern devices or cloud storage services to allow easy access by you and your family members. These newly digitized images can be used to decorate your new home and create gifts. Our creative teams can create photo books, custom slideshows, and displays using newspaper clippings, old recordings, photos and videos.

Trust and Protection

We are experienced at handling and digitizing aging materials from home movies to photos and slides.

Schedule a consultation with us to go over your needs and receive a no obligation estimate on your archiving needs. It is common for large projects to be addressed in phases.  We can help with all of your scanning and archiving needs.


Downsize sort photos

Prioritizing Piles

If you sort your photos before we digitize them, we can create corresponding digital file folders to help you quickly locate specific files. Sort by what makes sense to you – subject matter, year, or person.

removing photos from magnetic albums

No more albums

Photographs must be removed from albums to get the best quality scan. Once the albums are digitized, they can be eliminated or passed on to a family member.  This takes up less space in your new home.

Declutter photos


Bring in your bins and boxes anytime and our archiving experts will be happy to sort through and provide you with a cost estimate prior to digitizing. Here are some tips to help you sort your collection.