Estate + Divorce Planning

Your photo, video and digital legacy can be shared instead of divided

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Photo Archives in your Estate Plan

Photos, stories and memorabilia become so important as family members age and pass away.  We can help you with the steps to preserve and share your legacy as you prepare your estate or affairs.

Taking these steps, ensures that your loved ones can easily view, use and enjoy your family photos and videos in today’s formats.

After Digitizing

Your newly digitized images can be enjoyed on modern devices or cloud storage services to allow easy access by you and your family members.

These newly digitized images can be shared with your family and friends. Favourite images can be used to decorate a new living space. Our creative teams can create photo books, custom slideshows, and displays using newspaper clippings, old recordings, photos and videos. Or this can be a great project for you to take on and gives you the opportunity to remember all those happenings in life.

Trust and Protection

We have decades of experience managing complex archiving projects and handling sensitive and aging materials. We are also adept at ethically handling and digitizing confidential materials when that is a concern.  All projects stay on site and are handled by our archiving experts.

Your originals are returned once the project is complete.

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Protecting Memories During A Divorce

Divorce is emotional and the splitting up of assets is complicated. Photos and videos can be organized and digitized so that everyone can have a copy. Each parent and child can have copies of these family memories which can help children heal and know where they came from.

After Digitizing

Your newly digitized images can be enjoyed on all your modern devices or a cloud storage service. Each family member can have their own copy.

As a result of divorce, clients often want their own physical copy of some of the photos and we can arrange for prints to be made in addition to the digital versions.

Original materials are returned once the project is complete.

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Share with all

Once your photos, videos and memorablia are digitized, it is easy to share them with your entire family. Share your heritage!

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A sense of self

Studies show that viewing childhood photos and family memorabilia can give children more self-esteem and confidence.

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Ask for help

Especially if you become overwhelmed, encourage a capable family member to help you manage and execute a plan for your legacy.