Scanning Slides and Negatives

Your slides and negatives become digital files to view and share with friends and family.

Scanning Slides

Slides to Digital

When was the last time you had a slide show at your home? Does your projector still work? Did you inherit lots of slides and don’t know where to start?

Digitize your slides to increase their lifespan and to enjoy them. You won’t need a slide projector to view them and you can share the images with whomever you would like. Your original slides stay safe in our lab and our returned to you in the condition you brought them to us in.


  • 35mm, 110, 126, 120 slides
  • loose or in carousels
  • custom scans and file organizing available (fees apply)

File Deliverables:

  • JPG high resolution scans


  • DVD/CD
  • USB Stick/Thumb Drive (provided by you or purchased through us)
  • Digital Download


Slide Scan

35mm slides can be scanned from their trays or carousels or loose. 

Kodachrome Slides

Did  you know that Kodak brought their first 35mm slide to market in 1935?

Slide Carousel

Remember the slide show nights of your youth? Relive those memories on your TV or computer.

Negative Scanning

Bring in your old film negatives to discover what is documented on them.

120 negative scanning

Negative Scanning

Photo Expressions was founded in the era of film!  We have printed millions of negatives and we now scan and digitize them for you so you can enjoy those memories you documented.  We also scan and digitize the old 120 negatives of your ancestors which hold so much history. You receive your negatives back in the condition your brought them to us in.


  • 35mm, 126, 110, 120, 620, 4×5, 8×10
  • Colour or B&W
  • Custom scans and file organizing available (fee applies)

File Deliverables:

  • High Resolution Scans
  • JPG


  • DVD/CD
  • USB Stick/Thumb Drive (provide by you or purchased through us)
  • Digital Download
120 negative scanning

Don’t forget all the old negatives you inherited that show so much history. You may never have seen the images.

35mm negative scanning

Always handle your negatives by the edges to avoid fingerprints on the negative surface. Better yet, wear white cotton gloves.

35 mm negatives

Once your images are digitized, protect them from dust, scratches,fingerprints and oils from your hands by storing them in protective sleeves.