Digital Photo Organizing

Organizing your digital photo collection

organizing digital photos

Digital File Management

Do you have a variety of CD’s, DVD’s, SD cards, USB drives, hard drives, laptops and cameras, all with digital images on them? Organizing your digital files is as important as organizing your printed photos.

Do it yourself

Take the time to gather it all in one place and organize it.  Here are some steps to follow if you would like to tackle this projet yourself.

We can help

If you would like some help, we will take all of the media you bring to us and safely store and organize them in a digital management system. We will put all of your files into one system, eliminate duplicates and sort them into folders where possible.

Once your backlog is all together and organized, you’ll find it much easier to regularly organize going forward.   Much of the digital organizing procedures can be automated.

After Digitizing

Your newly digitized images can be enjoyed on all your modern devices or a cloud storage service. Each family member can have their own copy.


organizing digital photos

Transfer off of dated media

For your complete digital photo library, you need to gather all images from CD’s, DVD’s, cameras and more. There are so many places that you may have digital photos.  Make sure to gather them all!

organize digital files

Steps to Organize Digital Photos

Take time to organize your digital files.  It may seem overwhelming, but the steps are pretty straightforward and if you don’t organize them, the volume of images you have to deal with just continues to grow.

digital ideas

Create with organized digital files

It is so much easier to create and do things with your digital files when they are organized and you can find them.  Perhaps you want to create a photo book or a slide show or enlarge a favourite photo for your home.