Create Shareworthy Keepsakes

Once your photos and memorabilia are digitized, there are so many creative ways to enjoy them!

transfer home movies

Movie Night

Be entertained by movies and slide shows you can now create (or we can create them for you) reliving the highlights of your past. Better yet, invite your family and friends over for a viewing party. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Create photobooks and poster

Create Beautiful Keepsakes

Now that you have digitized these memories, create photo books, collage wall art and photo gifts for you and your family members.  The hi-res scans can be printed big to frame and hang in your home or office.

Share family history

Go Viral

Share your digital files on your favourite social media accounts.  Tag your family members and other people in the photos. Start a public or private family account to share these history photos and learn and document stories about the photos.

Share Files

Share Your Files

Make sure to order multiple copies of your newly digitized memories to share with your family and friends. Each family member should have their own digital copy of these precious family memories.

Organize Digital Files


Your digital files make it easy to scroll through thousands of images. Organize and catergorize your files so that it makes sense for how you would search for an image which may be by year, person, event, or places.


Protect your digital legacy

Peace Of Mind

You will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and from the back of your mind when you know that you have physical and digital copies of your treasured memories. Smile knowing your digital legacy is safe and preserved.