Commercial Archiving

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Small Business Archiving

Business Archives – Preserved Long Term


Commercial archiving services ensure that the story of your family business, non-profit organization or corporation lives on. There is so much history of your company in the memorabilia and photos. Create a lasting legacy that will live on.


Libraries, universities and museums house priceless photos, video recording and artifacts. Many times, these are deteriorating and need to be archived so that furture generations can enjoy the stories of the local ancestors and history.

After Digitizing

Your newly digitized images can be enjoyed on modern devices, cloud storage services or internal company network for easy access between individuals and departments. These newly digitized images can be used to decorate a reception area, create a history wall, or used in marketing or on the company website. Our creative teams can create photo books, custom slideshows, and displays using newspaper clippings, old recordings, photos and videos.

Trust and Protection

We are adept at ethically handling and digitizing sensitive and confidential materials. We can manage complex commercial archiving projects spanning decades or help a  new business wanting to archive their history as they go.

Schedule a consultation with us to go over your needs and receive a no obligation estimate on your business archiving needs. It is common for large projects to be addressed in phases.  We can help with all of your archiving needs.


Indigenous archiving

Indigenous Culture

Irreplaceable cultural materials should be preserved and protected so that future generations can enjoy them.

Commercial archiving

Looking Back In Time

Commemorate, celebrate and relive the journey your organization has been through. Share it with your customers and team members.

Commercial archiving

Then and Now

Create a then/now display showing a timeline that features historical images and important dates in your organizations’s history.