Camera Clearance

All camera accessories are on sale 25% – 75% off and all must go!!

Camera ClearancePhoto Express in Maple Ridge is closing down our camera department to make room for our new expanded lab space. Now is a great time to pick up some of those extras that you may not even have known you needed! All camera accessories are on sale 25%- 75% off and all must go!!

604-463-3654. Open Mon – Sat 9-5. Closed Sundays and holidays.

Memory Cards – up to 50% off

You can always use more memory, so stock up on a wide selection of memory cards up to half off!

Batteries – 25% off

Do you have an extra camera battery? Come in and pick up an extra for your camera at 25% off. We have batteries for most brands of cameras – for about $40 you will have a spare to use while your other one is charging.

Filters – 25% off

Let’s talk about filters. You should always have a UV filter on every lens that never comes off. It stays there to protect your lens – usually if you get a scratch or a dent, you just have to replace the filter which is much less expensive than replacing your lens. The next filter most people buy is a Circular polarizing filter – this is like sunglasses for your lens. It helps to cut down on glare and darken the sky. This is placed on top of your UV filter. Remember to remove it when you go inside! We also carry Neutral Density filters and other specialty filters to take your photography to the next level.

Tripods – 25% off

Do you have a tripod or the right tripod for your needs? Do you need a sturdy Manfrotto, or a lightweight hiking tripod or maybe a monopod. Come in and we will help you pick out the right one for your needs (and save money!)

Smart Phone and Tablet Accessories – up to 75% off

There are so many cool accessories available – lens sets, lights, adapters to place them on a tripod, car chargers, remotes, shutter releases, mini tripods, selfie sticks – whether you are blogging or filming videos or just for your self, there are accessories for you. All 50% – 75% off.

Camera Bags – up to 75% off

Do you have a bag to fit all of your gear? Or a bag to take when you go hiking? Or a small bag when you just want to bring some of your equipment? Or a travel bag? Or a small bag for your compact camera? We have you covered with a variety of camera bags.  25% – 75% off.

Cameras and Lenses

And of course, all camera bodies and lenses are priced to go, and are going fast!  We will most likely run out of cameras and lenses before accessories, so if you are in the market now is the time to come check out the selection.

And so many more accessories such as lens caps, flash diffusers, cleaning kits, straps, and more. Come in and save great money on items for your gear and help us make room