Scanning Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

Album and Scrapbook Scanning

Photo Albums and Scrapbook Pages

If you can’t remove the photos from an album or have a scrapbook you would like to digitize, we can scan each page.  You can choose to have the whole page scanned, or each individual photo scanned. We can also remove most photos for you.

Scanning an album or scrapbook is a great way to make digital copies to share with others.  Your album is returned to you in the condition you brought it to us in, unless you ask for the photos to be removed.


  • pages up to 12 x 18″
  • full page scans or cropping options
  • custom scans and file organizing available (fee applies)

File Deliverables:

  • High resolution scans
  • 300 dpi
  • JPG


  • DVD/CD
  • USB Stick/ Thumb drive (provided by you or purchased through us)
  • Digital Download
Album Scanning

Scanning your albums into a digital format allows you to share the photos by sharing digital copies or even creating a photo book.

removing photos from Magnetic Albums

If at all possible, you want to remove your images from magnetic albums as they are not a safe storage space.

Scrapbook Scanning

If you created scrapbooks, you probably spent many hours on each one.  We can digitize the pages so that you can share them with others.